Our Services

digiToken for Business

digiToken for Business supports various levels of digiToken agents
such as a SuperAgent, Agent and SubAgent.

digiToken for Consumer

In client mode, digiToken support a digiToken client user who is able to transact and manage their own services on their behalf or for someone else. 

Why Use digiToken?


digiToken is not just about sales. It is about bringing convenience to yourself so that you can have access to all the supported services, anywhere and anytime


The digiToken platform is simple and straightforward to use


The digiToken platform roadmap is exciting and more services will be added for you on an ongoing basis, allowing you the excellent convenience you deserve across various parts of your life


The more transactions you make on the platform allows digiToken to learn about your purchasing patterns to prepare for the planned rewards programme where we will reward you for purchasing services through the platform


digiToken is completely transparent and you will be able to see what you have been charged for at any given point in time across our services


The digiToken wallet is built to protect you from continuous use of your credit card by making a simple purchase process on our platform for the various services provided


The digiToken business model is designed to create employment and business opportunities for Agents and SubAgents throughout South Africa, allowing us to plough back to communities we serve

How Does It Work?


digiToken is accessible via an app for Android and iOS that you install on your phone and therefore all you need is a smart device (phone or tablet).


You need to register your profile by completing the registration information on the registration page. This information helps digiToken with understanding who you are in a unique manner in order to provide you with the best service. On registration, you will need to activate your account by punching in a one time pin that is sent to your mobile number.


Once activated, you will be able to login to digiToken and access all the functionality based on the user type that you are.


For more details, please watch the digiToken how-to video guide available on this website.

What Channels Are Supported By digiToken?


digiToken can be used from a web channel on your computer, laptop or any device that runs internet explorer, firefox, chrome etc


digiToken also provides an app that can run on any android or iOS device to provide the much needed convenience to yourself


More channels such as Whatsapp, USSD, Chatbot and Keyword SMS will come next as we improve the functionality of the platform to provide you the great service you deserve

Definition Of Terms

A Super-Agent

A business entity or organization that has members and would like to partner with digiToken to offer a white labelled solution to its members.

An Agent

A nominated and registered person or entity by digiToken to sell services on behalf of digiToken.

A Sub-Agent

A nominated and registered person or entity by the digiToken Agent to sell digiToken services on behalf of digiToken.

A digiWallet

A virtual balance of money you have transferred to the digiToken account through EFT or debit/credit card payment for the purposes of transacting for various services.

A digiToken service

Any product that is made available on the digiToken platform for you to purchase or redeem.
Purchase Services on Mobile App
Purchase Services on Web
Purchase Services for someone else
Purchase services on behalf of the client
View Transaction History
View digiWallet Balance
Top up digiWallet using EFT
Top up digiWallet using Debit/Credit Card
(IMPORTANT: card details not stored by digiToken)
Transfer funds from your digiWallet to another
Transfer funds to Sub-Agent
View and resend previously generated tokens